Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Holidays in Georgia Part 1

Daniel is thoroughly enjoying his time in Georgia. In fact, many of his emails include "ya'll", it's too funny.

The missionary work in Georgia is progressing well, this last month Daniel has participated in two convert baptisms - one was the granddaughter of a member in the ward, the other was the husband of a member. Daniel has really come to love the people of the Shallowford Ward in Woodstock, Georgia. They take very good care of the missionaries, they feed them regularly and the are working very hard to be good member missionaries themselves. Daniel loves Bishop Walton - originally from the Whittier 7th Ward; I guess the world really is a small place. Then to add to the "smallness" the other day Daniel and his companion had dinner with a former member of the Whittier 3rd Ward that Susan and I both know. To go one step further, I danced with her in the 1977 Dance Festival in Rose Bowl!

The pictures you see are of Daniel and his old companion at the ward Halloween Party - their mission president authorized them to dress up for Halloween as long as they went dressed at "civilians".