Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas from Georgia

On Christmas afternoon we had a chance to Skype Daniel in Georgia. This is pretty new to us, I suppose it's pretty new for the Church also. Once approved missionaries can Skype home and not just talk to their families, but see them too! We had a great visit with Daniel while he and his companion had dinner at a member's home. We got to see where Daniel was, the family that was feeding them, his companion, the family dog, and some of the Christmas presents that their kids got. I was such a great time.

Daniel has found his own little photo niche. Both Alan and David sent home some...colorful photos from their respective missions showing some of the odd sights and things in the Philippines and Mexico. Daniel has decided that his mission photos will highlight the two things he's found a lot of...roadkill and strange yard statutes. I'll apologize in advance for the first...I'll post some of them next time.