Saturday, August 6, 2011

After one week in the MTC Daniel is loving it! After picking up David at the airport we drove right to the MTC so the boys could see each other. Okay, okay, we admit it - we tried to sneak into the MTC to sneak a photo - it didn't work. They're pretty good at keeping "civilians" out of that place :) But really, that's the way it ought to be. In fact, when Daniel saw all of us coming through the door he said, "I didn't want to see you guys!" Saying goodbye the first time was hard enough, the second time would have been worse!

We got a letter from Daniel this week. He's a District Leader and loves the challenge. He loves his companion, Elder Beebe, and loves learning the gospel. He did have a request though. He's always hungry because they only feed missionaries THREE TIMES A DAY! Can you believe it? He's asked for any snacks, in any quantity and the only requirement is that the snacks aren't healthy!

The attached photo, while very, very blurry, was our sneaky attempt to get into the MTC...;)

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